Modern system suitable for production of large parts of trucks, buses, construction machinery or agricultural vehicles.

What is poly-DCPD RIM ?

Poly-DCPD is a dicyclopentadiene-based reactive system (DCPD). Promens currently processes a poly-DCPD system with the commercial name Telene, which appears to be optimal for large parts production. It is a technologically elegant system that features a number of excellent utility features.

Key advantages using pDCPD:

  • Possibility of manufacturing parts with thicknesses ranging from several units to hundreds of millimeters and a spray mass of up to several tens of kg
  • Low polymerization temperature and low pressure principle allow using of low-cost moulds
  • High polymer modulus without the use of fillers
  • High impact toughness, even at low temperatures
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • Easy to apply
  • Absence of internal tension, so called cold connections

Selected material properties of Telene at standard temperature:

properties unit value
tensile modul MPa 1860
tensile strenght MPa 46
ductility % 4
impact resistence izod (at 25°C) N×m/m 378
HDT °C 115
density g/cm3 1.03

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