CNC cutting and assembling

CNC triming and assembling – an integral part of the modern manufacturer of large plastic parts in the middle series.

CNC trimming

The economical production of large plastic parts in lower series requires the use of plastics technologies and molds that require additional finishing of parts, such as removal of flashes, inlets and ventings, cutting of a part of the semifinished parts. Unlike mass production by injection moulding. In order to minimize the price of tools for lower series of products, the customer usually prefers machining of holes, recesses and other details. In the past, these operations have been the biggest source of nonconformity because they were dependent on manual labor. Many technologies (such as vacuum forming) were considered as inaccurate process. A major change was made by using CAD/CAM systems and CNC machining. The 5-axis CNC machining is used for the production of vacuum molding parts and for the perfect finishing of many other products. For this operation, modern 5-axis CNC machines premium brands like Geiss or CMS are used. The largest machine is capable of machining 2.5×2 m.

Assemling, glueing and ultrasoninc welding

To fulfill the market requirement of complex deliveries, many of the parts are undergoing assembling operations at Promens. Examples of components most commonly mounted into assemblies include lights, hinges, reinforcements, noise barriers, washers, grilles, metal reinforcements, fixing elements, and the individual joining of individual plastic parts into assemblies (eg. engine hood).

For the welding operation, the ultrasonic devices are the most used at present, providing minimal defects on the face side of the product. A number of systems such as polyurethane glues, MS polymers, cyanoacrylate adhesives, and others are used for glueing. Glueing as such is one of the most demanding operations both in the development phase and in ensuring full reproducibility in the production process.

Wen glueing we do consider:

  • adhesion and cohesion requirements
  • possible variations in shape continuity during production
  • constant properties over time
  • dynamic stress of the part.

The bonding operation is also one of the most demanding to meet technical requirements in the production proces. At Promens, glueing belongs to the category of specially monitored operations with the specific control plan regime.

Promens is thus able to guarantee its customers high quality glued joints.

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